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USB charger data sync cables manufacturer/factory/supplier from China

Wadva is mobile phone cable manufacturer, wholesale Micro Usb V8 cables for Samgsung and Android smartphones, 8 ping Lighting cables for iPhone.

Sync/Charge Micro USB Phone Data Cable for Apple/Samsung/Xiaomi and all Android smartphones, lighting cables for iphone 7/7Plus, for iPhone 6/6s/6Plus, for iPhone 5s/5, for iPhone4s/4, for Samsung note4, for Samsung S8/S7/S6 edge and more Android cell phones.

Micro-USB: The current standard for mobile and portable devices. It has been adopted by virtually every manufacturer except Apple.

Type-C: A reversible cable that promises higher transfer rates and more power than previous USB types. It’s increasingly being adopted as the standard for laptops and even some phones and tablets. It has even been embraced by Apple for Thunderbolt 3. More on USB-C at the end of this article.

Lightning: Not a USB standard but Apple’s proprietary connector for iPads and iPhones. It’s a similar size to micro-USB and is compatible with all Apple devices made after September 2012. Older Apple devices use a different and much larger proprietary connector (both pictured below).

Our data transfer charging cable by Wadva for your Sync/Charge Micro USB Phone Data Cable for Apple/Samsung and more smartphones provides fast data transfer and charging from any USB port. Transfer for devices with USB sync, brand new usb charger data sync cable, connect your cell phone with your PC/Laptop.