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Male To Male Audio Cable Manufacturer/Supplier/Factory from China

Wadva is Audio Aux Cables factory, wholesale male to male or female, stereo aux auxiliary cables for iphone, ipod,ipad.

Wadva manufactures Male To Male Stereo Audio AUX Auxiliary Extension Cable for iphone samsung ipod mp3 headphone Huawei Jack Speaker, also compatible with HTC, Apple iPhones,Samsung,Motorola,Toshiba. Sturdy and durable.Assure you the stable and reliable transmission. Uses: cell phone / notebook / tablet PC / car and so on.

Connect & play music from your Smartphone, tablet & MP3 player to a car stereo, portable speaker or other 3.5mm stereo audio output. This aux cable supports devices containing a standard 3.5mm auxiliary jack, which are commonly associated with headphones/ear buds. Many of today’s audio components have this input for easy hookups. Unlike wireless transmitters & cassette adapters, it provides a direct wired connection that’s free of static/FM interference. Dual-shielding, polished metal molding & corrosion-resistant gold-plated plugs deliver crisp sounds & minimal signal loss. A compact, beveled step-down design gives a firmly secure connection, even when bulky cases are on your device. You can even charge your devices while in use (separate cable required). You’re just a plug-in away from rocking out to your music, listening to a movie or relaxing to an audio-book.

STEP DOWN DESIGN: Accommodates SmartPhones & MP3 cases allowing plugs to be fully seated even when bulky protective cases are used.
COMPATIBILITY: This 3.5mm (1/8 in) Cable is compatible with any brand MP3 player, phone, tablet, etc. that has a 3.5mm audio jack (aux port). NOT COMPATIBLE with microphone or video function.
BUILD: Dual Shielded Premium Quality MP3 Cable with High Quality Polished Metal Connectors with Gold Plated 3.5mm audio plugs.
MOST USED FOR: Ideal for connecting iPods, iPhones or Media Players to car stereos or speakers.

– Left connector type: 3.5 mm
– Left connector gender: Male
– Right connector type: 3.5 mm
– Right connector gender: Male

Product Features
– Connects & plays music from 3.5mm-enabled devices to a car stereo/speaker
– Flexible jacket that’s ideal for tight spaces
– Dual-shielding, polished metal molding & corrosion-resistant gold-plated plugs
– Beveled step-down design for a secure connection, even with bulky cases like Otterbox

Devices with 3.5mm audio jacks, like a Smartphone (iPhone), tablet (iPad), MP3 player (iPod), car stereo & portable speaker
– Not compatible with Lifeproof cases

Plug-&-play: Ready to use, once each end is connected to its respective port on a compatible device

Audio is transmitted in stereo format, for a surround sound experience